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Seasonal Displays

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Daniel Romauldez Architects

West Village Townhouse

Our clients, well known fashion and entertainment professionals,approached us after they purchased a beautiful townhouse in the West Village. They had ample outdoor space and definitively knew one thing they wanted to put in it - a swim-in-place pool. With that must-have as a starting point, we designed a lush and practical garden that checked other boxes on their wishlist including room for photoshoots and dinner parties and a kid friendly space.

Logistically, the pool was a new challenge that we had to work through. Constrained by the area of a townhousebackyard and set sizes of the pools, we worked creatively to incorporate the other elements important to the client. We designed a raised deck to accommodate the depth of the pool with an elegant glass railing and blue stone steps. With this two level space, we intalled an outdoor shower closer to the house and a lounging/dining area under a narrow pergola at the back of the garden.

On the rooftop, we designed around an existing hot tub. We added custom elements to bring warmth to the space including a pergola that spans the width of the roof over the dining area, privacy screening and a grill, complete with stainless steel counter space. Fiberglass planters line the perimeter and provide ample space for tall birch trees andan informal planting of texturally interesting perennials with room for seasonal flower displays.