Services Provided:

Special Event Displays

High Line and East Village

The Standard

We work at both NYC outposts of this hip hotel to bring the brand and culture of the Standard to their outdoor spaces. Both in iconic downtown neighborhoods, these gardens have different vibes and features.

The Standard High Line is located in the chic, fashion forward Meatpacking District. Every year with the warm weather, we create a lushseasonal oasis replete with twining wisteria, colorful herbs and exotic plants . The outdoor venue is an extension of the hotels existing amenities and features al fresco dining complete with a wood-burning pizza oven. The space offers refuge for guests looking to escape the city (if only for a drink or two), away from its historically industrial neighborhood, while still offering ample people watching opportunities.

Come winter the space is transformed into an ice skating rink. This dramatic transition between seasons requires much coordination between those who operate the venues and those who work to make it happen. We carefully work aroundelectricians, contractors, installers and guests to successfully convert this plaza. Months of planning and preparation go into the installation, including the difficult task of sourcing such mature and beautiful plants for a springtime display. Once installed, our crew returns to the site once a week to maintain the plantings and monitor the watering.

At the Standard East Village, the newer of the two hotels, we helped design an outdoor space reflective of the funkier side of downtown. Whereas the Standard High Line's garden is thoroughly enmeshed in the scene of the meatpacking district, the East Village garden is a cozy oasis from the bustling city. Each year we work closely with the hotel staff to create the ambiance of a secret garden. The smells and sounds of the garden provide guests an escape and help them ever so briefly forget they're in the City.

Both of these hotel gardens are constantly changing to keep guests entertained and provide a great NYC experience.