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211 E 13th Street

The Jefferson

Named after the Jefferson Theater that once stood on this property, this vacant parcel of land became a canvas for graffiti artists. The developer, our client, had a new vision for the property - to provide contemporary condominium housing to the culturally vibrant East Village neighborhood in Manhattan. The client requested LEED certification for the building, informing the materiality and integrated green space. Our design features modern, innovative materials and employs native/adaptive plant material. The client also wanted a lush, welcoming environment to encourage social interaction among residents, as well as private, more intimate spaces for grilling outdoors. Our team designed and built the private roof spaces, the Common Roof Garden, and unique entrance planters for the streetscape.

The design called for enhanced planting beds in the common roof area, requiring a greater depth of soil, detailed custom edging, and vibrant plant palette. The custom fabricated Cor-Ten edging was designed in segments to optimize craning. Built in solid lengths of up to 12’, the weight and maneuverability of these elements proved to be a challenge, requiring a coordinated installation with other trades active on the roof. Soils were also craned in from the same location to fill the beds with 8-12” of engineered greenroof soil media. The planting palette required a selection of vibrant, high contrast grasses, perennials, and succulents, selected for their ability to quickly colonize and thrive on a sun-baked roof, and reflect the urban aesthetic of the neighborhood.

The design of the front entrance planters required in-depth coordination with our vendor to produce this unique showpiece for the building. A custom designed LED panel and planter enclosure, fitted with a laser-cut screen, had to be built to withstand exposure to pedestrian traffic, and integrate with the building electrical and plumbing systems for irrigation and lighting.

Although under contract with the General Contractor, we maintained the developer’s vision, while employing the contractor’s methodology and working within the tight constraints of the urban environment.