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Technogym Greenwall

We designed this interior green wall for the flagship showroom for state-of-the-art fitness equipment located in SOHO. Our creative challenge was to counterbalance the sleek, modern interior with a tapestry of nature that is green, calming and purifying. The showroom has a 30 foot high “bay-like” extension with a skylight at the rear of this old New York City industrial space. We resourcefully worked with oversized and unevenly shaped walls caused by years of shifting and settling.

The green wall serves as a backdrop for a modern glass staircase and captures the attention of passersby and customers alike. The wall totals 900 square feet, requiring a custom ladder to give access from all angles for installation and maintenance. Nine hundred individual plants in various textures and shades of green were planted on the wall creating an image straight from a tropical rainforest. To maintain this vision of green, a custom irrigation system with fourteen zones was designed so that each plant would be irrigated individually. Additionally, it couldn’t survive without the strategically placed spotlights that woo these plants to grow. The plants have since established themselves, and continue to thrive in this interior environment.