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Chelsea Landmark

Chelsea Landmark had been a client of ours for many years when the managing company approached our design team about an exciting renovation of the building's amenity spaces. The over 8000 square foot terrace was underutilized with an original design that functioned primarily as a visual garden to be viewed from the 25+ floors above, accessed by only a handful of sun loungers.

The new "Club 3" Terrace would be part of a larger rebranding of the building's third floor renovations to accommodate expanded gym facilities, indoor lounges, a new library, and conference rooms. The new terrace design included multiple outdoor "rooms" that provides seating for small and large groups with a new ability to rent portions of the terrace for private events. With these guiding design principles, we worked with a relatively limited budget that necessitated the reuse of existing materials on the terrace. We carefully analyzed what would be possible and saved the client as much as possible.

Highlights of the new garden include multiple custom BBQ stations with corian countertops, large swaths of intensive green roof planting areas, an artificial turf lawn, a bamboo hedge to help dampen the street noise, and multiple lounging areas.