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Carnegie Hill Terrace

The sweeping views offered by the wrap-around terrace of this Park Avenue penthouse apartment was one of the main reasons that our client selected this location for his family’s new home. Complementing the classical modern aesthetic of client’s interiors, the outdoor terrace design features a multi-use program with intimate seating areas, entertaining spaces, an outdoor kitchen, and a pergola with banquette seating for outdoor dining. The primary materials of the terrace included clear cedar, bluestone pavers, sandstone pavers, and zinc oxidized aluminum planters. A consistent row of boxwoods in clear cedar planters around the perimeter help soften the edges of the existing parapet wall. Changes in paving pattern of the bluestone and sandstone defined various programs, distinguishing between the informal lounging areas of the south terrace to the more formal dining area on the north side of the terrace.

This project faced many challenges, beginning with the two-year long delay due to building work which involved installation of a new roof membrane, restoration of the building’s original cornices, and repairing the parapet wall. On top of that, the building board approval process was very strict. Every step along the way, we advised the client and design team and helped coordinate proper sequencing among numerous trades to execute the smoothest installation process. Perhaps the most challenging obstacle we faced as an imposed two-month construction timeframe in the middle of last year’s harsh winter. In order to avoid excessive fines, our staff and subcontractors worked tirelessly to install the paving system and carpentry work through the winter, often in sub-zero temperatures, freezing rain, and even snow storms.