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530 Park Ave

The client, a developer, came to us as they prepared to convert an existing Park Avenue building into luxury apartments. They wanted to maximize the amenities available to future residents and sought to turn the vacant, concrete courtyard into an enticing garden space for residents. Working with their team (including the architect, the interior designers, and the general contractor), we designed and installed a French inspired courtyard garden with two water features that had visual interest from all perspectives ‐from within the garden, within the building, from above, and from the street.

The initial challenge for the space was to create a dynamic design with interest from different points that matched the elegance and style of the renovated residences. To accomplish this, we settled on the French inspired garden theme, applying classic elements and a simple planting palette. Our design featured a reflecting pool to enhance the contemplative and calming nature of the space as well as a large Green Screen installation to give the effect of ivy covered walls.

During installation, our main challenge was access to the space. The only practical access was via a small walkway from the street which necessitated everything being brought in by hand with limited use of machinery. We were also challenged by the large amount of building work that was happening simultaneously. Many other trades needed access to the garden space and were working overhead, which prevented us maximizing our time there. We addressed this by working as closely as possible with the general contractor. We phased the installation in order to work in the space whenever we had the opportunity.

We were also challenged to find and work with new materials to execute our design. From the outset, we specified gravel in the main area of the garden for a more European feel. However, we needed the space to remain ADA compliant. We solved this issue by sourcing a particular type of gravel and utilizing a special plastic paving cell system to make the area ADA accessible. We also worked extensively to find the antique limestone fountain that lends an element of aged authenticity to the space.

Through our careful coordination and adherence to our design concept, we created a space that is truly an amenity and selling point for new residents at 530 Park Avenue.