The Town & Gardens design studio is comprised of landscape architects, designers, architects, and estimators. Our process involves simultaneous budgeting and design, eliminating any question of whether a given concept can be reasonably executed. Throughout the design process, T&G is able to give their clients a full understanding of what the final product will be like – from extensive drawings and renderings to materials selection – no stone is left unturned.

Town & Gardens’ designers are also adept at navigating the logistical issues of working in New York City. From gaining LPC approval to figuring out how to get materials to the roofs of skyscrapers, they are ready and able for any challenge presented. We are constantly innovating based on the needs of a job. From creating a quick disconnect irrigation system to designing seamless, modular aluminum planters to integrating audio visual systems into a space, our designers adapt their work to the needs of a garden.

Our designers anticipate these issues from the beginning of the process, thereby eliminating any surprise costs later on in the installation process.



Town & Gardens’ installation teams have years of experience and a practical knowledge of working in New York City. Our foremen and crew members work closely with the designers and project managers to understand the client’s vision. They are able to navigate the unique challenges presented at each site and create spaces that exceed expectations.

Our skilled staff includes foremen, irrigation and lighting specialists, and horticulturalists. Not only do they consult with designers on the best solutions for any given space, they ensure the best selections are made prior to installation. They are familiar with a large array of materials and are always learning about and working with new technologies.

Our installation teams know the specialized care that must be taken when working in NYC spaces. They closely monitor weight loads on rooftops, take special care moving materials through buildings, and alert clients and project managers to any potential issues.

We also have a vast network of subcontractors, with whom we have worked and entrust our clients’ important spaces.



Continued maintenance is an important factor and Town & Gardens’ maintenance crews ensure that gardens continue looking excellent after installation. Horticulturists, pest management specialists, and arborists all lend their expertise to the care of gardens we maintain.

Our dedicated team of account managers oversees our maintenance clients and works closely with owners, building managers, condo and co-op boards, and others to keep garden spaces looking their best. They manage site specific maintenance and irrigation programs and provide vital feedback to our clients to keep their gardens healthy. They also design and coordinate seasonal planting displays throughout the year.